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Bilka is a Danish chain of hypermarkets. The first store opened in 1970 in Tilst, a suburb of Aarhus. The chain was founded by Herman Salling, but is now a part of Salling Group.

A former employee mentioned, "Bilka is not safe. Demands from workers are too high. I sometimes felt like a slave working in very harsh conditions. The general attitude of the management towards the warehouse workers is deplorable. Workers are seen simply as breathing machines. Their values are mostly words on paper - not respected."


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Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Pointless rules Abuses the system"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Assistant says

"Even though employees have complained about the chairs, they were still not change to ones that can actually support your back. I used to go home with the worse backache ever. The boss at OneStop can be unnecessarily mean at time."

Sales Representative says

"Bad working hours Micromanaging Limited freedom to make decisions"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Customers were disrespectful to employees, and management were not effective in pumping employee morale."

Gonzalo Rosset says

"The breaks of My bike was broken 3 weeks after I bought the electric bike. The bike has 2 years waranthy and they don't want to give me a new bike. I had a big accident and the bike is broken. They told me "You can see how to fix the breaks looking in internet". I paid 6500 dk for this bike. DONT BUY IN BILKA"

Chaudhry says

"Worst Delivery and Customer Service, I ordered few things online and the stuff was supposed to be delivered to a fortex a week ago but unfortunately it has not been delivered yet. I tried to call customer service and firstly I had to wait 30 mins to talk to customer service and then after 30 mins the respondent didn't have a proper answer. He simply said that your stuff will be delivered as soon as possible. I really can't digest the meaning of "as soon as possible". I still don't know when the packages will be delivered that were supposed to delivered a week ago. Such a bad service, never recommend any one."

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